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Ceramic Steel Wipeboards and Wall Panels
Contact us for easily customizable sizes & colors!
Polyvision has been a leading supplier for over 60 years

  • Made from durable, lightweight                Ceramic Steel

  • Non-Pourous

  • Also available as Glassboards Panels

  • Endless color & size options

  • Mobile Acoustic Dividers Screens                  with Camira Felt

  • Bacteria Resistant Ceramic Steel

  • Scratch Proof Ceramic Steel Finish

  • Recyclable

  • Magnetic 

  • Frameless & Framed options 

  • Multiple Hardware Options 

  • Indoor Air Quality Certified – Indoor Advantage™ Gold

  • Class A 

  • CET Designer


Tabi by Polyvision Ceramic Steel Wipeboards
Aura Tabi by Polyvision Ceramic Steel Wipeboard
Notch Tabi Ceramic Steel Wipeboard
Trace Ceramic Steel Wipeboard
Alto Tabi by Polyvision Ceramic Wipeboards
Whisper Camira Felt Tabi by Polyvision Ceramic Steel Acoustic Mobile Wipeboard
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