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   Quiet Earth Moss by Ayrsonics
  • Brings green space indoors while controlling room acoustics
  • Made with 100% natural moss; preserved with eco-friendly natural oils & food dye
  • Requires virtually no maintenance & no natural light without drying out
  • Controls room acoustics by being adhered to ezoBord acoustic material. Quiet Earth absorbs over 90% medium & high voice frequencies. 
  • May be treated with Aegis, anti microbial spray; protecting against viruses & germs
  • Customizable and integrated, acrylic signage also available!
Reindeer Moss Wall - Unicolor-Spring Green
Pole Moss Wall - Dark & Light
Reindeer Moss Wall - Multicolor
Sheet Moss
Quiet Earth Moss
Pole Moss w Signage
Mixed Moss
Quiet Earth Moss Wall
Also Available in Geo Frames with ezoBord Backer
Available Moss Types
Quiet Earth Geo Frames
Sheet Moss Circle
Quiet Earth Moss Types
Reindeer Moss Color Options
Framed Reindeer Moss
Reindeer Moss Color Options
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