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Standard or Custom - Acoustic Problems Easily Remedied by ezoBord

Can't stand listening to the person in the adjacent office or conference room?

Problem with confidential conversations being heard due to a dropped ceiling?

Speech Guard is a proven and patented speech privacy
and noise reduction system with an assembly rating of 38 CAC

The system is comprised of 3 parts:

  • Class A Fire Rated Fiberglass Light Hood

  • Ceiling Tile Backer

  • Plenum Return Air Silencer

Easily installs into new or existing dropped ceilings and 

meets all Class A fire codes to block conversations traveling between adjacent rooms over an open plenum.

Typical lead time: 3 to 5 days.

*Please inquire about low frequency sound blocking. Speech Guard also offers products that can block an HVAC or motor sound traveling through the plenum.

Plenum 1.jpg
Plenum Noise Blocking
Plenum Noise Blockig
Plenum Noise Blocking
Plenum Sound Blocking
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